At Group Saltó we are very proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the 6 finalists who, at an international level, will compete to become one of the two winners of the 5G challenge at Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The challenge “Improving quality of life for elderly (at home) through Technology” is a 5GBarcelona initiative that includes 5G proposals aimed at improving the autonomy of the elderly in their domestic environment and living conditions during ageing. The challenge that was launched in February by the City Council and the Mobile World Capital Foundation Barcelona, received a total of 53 proposals submitted from 14 different countries. The next step is to find out which projects will become winners of the challenge, and get their proposals off the ground next year. Group Saltó presents SOMCARE, a proposal based on the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly by means of technology, with support for daily needs and tasks, the monitoring of the condition of individuals, speed when responding to emergencies, attention to requests from individuals, accompaniment, alerts according to events and optimization of services. At Group Saltó we are building the future.