Our commitment is not limited to technology...

Our Commitment to the Environment

Electric fleets

In 2012, Group Saltó acquired two 100% electric vans, with which we began our commitment to the environment, economising on consumption and reducing CO2 in residential areas, as well as noise pollution.

Our Commitment to People

NewHead Office

Group Saltó is working on its new corporate headquarters under the concept of open spaces, with the latest developments in energy efficiency and sustainability, in order to improve the working conditions of our employees.

Our Social Commitment

Vicente Ferrer

Group Saltó has acquired a house for an Indian family within the housing construction project in Y.Gollapalli.
We also collaborate in other activities conducted by the Foundation, such as charity walks, concerts, etc.

Our Commitment to the Future

Scholarship Project

Group Saltó is working on the creation of a series of scholarships and grants to promote the generation of ideas, entrepreneurship among our young people, as well as knowledge improvement.

SDGs17 Objectives to Transform Our World

In 2015, the UN has adopted Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development as an opportunity for countries and their societies to embark on a new path to improve the lives of all, leaving no one behind.
The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Group Saltó is working on various SDGs, among which are the end of poverty (various projects in India), health and welfare (SOM Care), quality education (agreements with a number of educational institutions and scholarship projects) as well as affordable, clean energy (SOM Solar), and our fleet of electric vehicles.

Because what we really care about is that technology serves people.