Group Saltó present at SIMO Education alongside ASUS, showcasing the educational potential of Zenbo

In the past days, 14, 15, and 16, Group Saltó was present at SIMO Education, the International Fair of Technology and Educational Innovation, in collaboration with ASUS. During these days, we emphasized the importance of having educational robotics, specifically with Zenbo, designed especially for educational institutions committed to integrating technology and promoting STEAM education in their academic programs.

Our team dedicated themselves to serving professionals, directors, and educators from educational institutions, offering live demonstrations to showcase Zenbo’s capabilities and the positive impact it can have on the educational environment.

In addition to the demonstrations, we contributed to the event with an informative talk where we delved into the benefits of educational robotics as a strategic ally for teachers and students, fostering learning and cultivating the STEAM spirit.

Educational robotics, represented by Zenbo, emerges as an essential tool in educational institutions, not only to boost the acquisition of technical knowledge but also for the detection and management of emotions. In an increasingly connected world, Zenbo also plays a fundamental role in identifying cases of bullying or harassment that may affect students.

Group Saltó is proud to have participated in SIMO Education, contributing to the promotion of educational technology and emphasizing the importance of integrating solutions like Zenbo in the teaching-learning process.