Our service with the highest quality and experience

Electrónica Saltó, since the beginning of its business activity in 1994, has invested in technology and in developing a competent team, with the aim of putting technology at the service of people.

For this reason, it has decided to integrate quality and the environment within the company in order to ensure that our services meet the expectations and needs defined with our customers.

As a fundamental part of this compliance, the management is committed to the policy set out in this document, the objective of which is the development and continuous improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System. This policy is specified in the following guidelines:

  • Comply with legal and other requirements, including any regulations or standards that apply to our services and, in particular, those relating to environmental protection, waste management and the efficient use of energy.
  • To guarantee the reliability of response from the first contact with the client until the final delivery of the work, the quality of the work and the attention to requirements by assigning the necessary human, technical and economic resources.
  • Preventing environmental pollution in business processes by approaching them from the point of view of minimum environmental impact and continuous improvement.
  • To provide the appropriate continuous training to the personnel, motivating them to develop the implementation of the integrated management system, based on continuous improvement and good environmental practices.
  • To ensure that the company’s personnel identify with and commit themselves to the company’s policy, contributing their personal skills to the achievement of the objectives.

The management of Electrónica Saltó encourages cooperation and teamwork with employees, suppliers and subcontractors in order to achieve all the objectives set, that customers receive the best attention and service from us and that we work in a line of respect and protection of the environment.

La formación y la experiencia son nuestros aliados para servir con la máxima calidad