The largest event in the world of mobile technology, held from February 26 to 29 at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, ​​revealed the major trends that will transform the global technological landscape in the coming years.   Group Saltó, an exhibitor at the fair for the third consecutive year, introduced its new product Maia, the advanced telecare device that joins the set of solutions in the SOM Care line, along with a new alliance with Medisana.   The strategic collaboration between Group Saltó and Medisana enables the integration of medical devices from the leading German specialist company in the telecare market with the social robots solutions presented by Group Saltó for the assistance of seniors, people with disabilities, or those who need continuous monitoring of their health.   This advancement provides users with the ability to measure their temperature, pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and weight with Medisana's medical devices, data that is automatically updated on the social robot A-Yud's platform and the new Maia device. The A-Yud robot and the Maia device also store a history of measurements taken and provide graphs of indicator trends.   Healthcare professionals and family members can also view real-time measurements through the SOM Care platform, developed by Group Saltó and accessible via app or web app, to remotely monitor the vital signs of their patient or loved one. The platform can also provide reports on the user's evolution to quickly detect anomalies or risky situations and thus prevent more serious incidents.   This new integration represents a significant advancement in technology applied to assistive care, significantly improving the quality of life for those who require continuous monitoring of their health status, especially our elders, providing greater peace of mind to their families, and enabling healthcare professionals to perform constant monitoring and provide more personalized and efficient care by optimizing resources.