Group Saltó has celebrated its 25 years of existence with an event dedicated to the key role played by people in organisations.

The event was attended by speakers from different areas of business, all of whom occupy positions of the highest level of responsibility in their organisations, such as Marcos Urarte, a renowned lecturer, author of more than 10 books and strategic consultant to more than 100 organisations, or Jaume Gurt, who was General Manager of Infojobs, Joana Sánchez, President of the Inesdi Digital business school, Marta Vidal, CEO of Vallformosa, a company in the Penedès wine sector, Josep Esteve, General Manager of Rodi Motor Services and Jaume Saltó, founder and CEO of Group Saltó.

All of them have agreed to emphasize the importance of people in organizations, and Jaume Saltó wanted to emphasize that “People must always be central. Employees are our internal clients and we have to take care of them”, or Marta Vidal who stressed that “Listening to the client, internal and external, helps us to grow”, or Josep Esteve who reflected on the importance of internal communication “You have to inform your team, and show interest in communicating with them constantly”.


The conference, which was held in the Joan Oró auditorium of the Lleida Science and Agri-Food Park, where one of the company’s headquarters is located, was attended by a hundred people, including businessmen, institutions and collaborators of the company.

The most creative part of the day was led by Chef Ivan Pascual, Spanish World Chocolate Master who presented his new gastronomic proposal called Futropolis with which he wanted to reflect on the food of the future in a creative and innovative way.


Group Saltó has been working on ICT projects since 1994 with a turnover of over 16 million euros and a team of more than 350 technicians has two offices in Lleida and eight branches in the rest of Spain.