SOM (Saltó Operations Manager) is a platform for the management of work forces in the field. Bdigital, technological centre TECNIO, has collaborated in its development.

Group Saltó participated this morning in the conference “TECNIO: your technological partner”, held at the headquarters of ACCIÓ in Lleida. Jaume Saltó, CEO of the company, has presented the project SOM (Salto Operations Manager), an open and neutral software for the optimization of resources for work forces in the field.

The tool was created to meet an internal need of the company to optimize its technical activity. Each work order is managed through a well-defined flow, which facilitates the control of the work from start to finish. It works using a web tool and also through an application that the technicians have installed in a smart phone equipped with Android. The tool comes complete with geo-technologies that allow the assignment of orders according to the location of each technician, route calculations or selection of the most appropriate personnel at all times.

Since its implementation, the SOM platform has enabled Group Saltó to increase its productivity by up to 20%. The company plans to continue the development of the platform, offer it to other companies and advance towards internationalisation.