Joves Futur+ is a project aimed at young people in situations of vulnerability, which aims to offer support to young people who, upon reaching the age of 18, lose the protection of the public administration and find themselves in a situation of maximum vulnerability. Through a network of trainers, social educators, psychologists, and mentors, they are provided with the necessary tools in terms of education, employment, psychosocial, and emotional support to achieve full personal autonomy in the absence of a family or social network.

During the recognition event, more than a hundred companies from throughout Catalonia gathered at the Roma Hall of the Spotify Camp Nou. It was attended by the president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, Dr. Marta Segú, CEO of the FC Barcelona Foundation, and Xavier Bertolín, corporate director of Education and Marketing of the “La Caixa” Foundation.

Group Saltó is one of the collaborating companies in the project. For over twenty-five years, one of our pillars has been the recruitment and retention of local talent.

Being able to give an opportunity to young people in situations of vulnerability fills us with pride and satisfaction.

We hope to soon have the participation of young people in our company, whether through internships, DUAL training, working, or visiting our facilities.

We are grateful to the FC Barcelona Foundation, the “La Caixa” Foundation, and all the companies and organizations that collaborate in this sense and work towards a clear objective. No young person without a job!

Discurso del presidente Joan Laporta