Group Saltó has received the ASPID Business Award for subcontracting the Call Centre service, managed by people with physical disabilities.

Today ASPID held a new edition of the ASPID 2012 awards in the canonical house of the Seu Vella in Lleida, to award the annual prizes for INNOVATION, BUSINESS, COMMUNICATION and SOLIDARITY. Group Saltó was presented with the ASPID Business Award, given its ties to the association through sub-contracting the Call Centre service, managed by people with physical disabilities. Currently, Group Saltó has 19 ASPID people performing customer service tasks via the Call Centre, located in the Gardeny Science and Technology Park.

In his speech the company’s CEO, Jaume Saltó, emphasised the need to be socially responsible and to make a firm and sincere commitment to the integration of people who live with a physical disability, as well as their necessary social normalisation. For the same reason, he applauded the great achievement of the ASPID members and confirmed the company’s conviction to continue working together.

The event included the presence of the Honourable Mrs Núria de Gispert, President of the Parliament of Catalonia; the Illustrious Mr Àngel Ros, Mayor of Lleida; the Illustrious Mr Miquel Padilla, vice-president of the Lleida Provincial Council; Mr Ramon Farré, delegate of the government of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Lleida; the Hon. Mr Joan Biscarri, vice-chancellor of the University of Lleida; Mrs. Montse Bertran, president of ASPID and Mrs M.Teresa Teixidó, vice-president of the same association.

The mayor of the city of Lleida has given special congratulations to Group Saltó for its business policy and human resources, showing himself especially proud that this award is received by a company located in the Agrofood Science and Technology Park of Lleida, a booming technological and business space in the city at a national and international level.

ASPID has also awarded the ASPID Solidarity Prize to the Taula Borges Tennis Club, the ASPID Communication Prize to Ferrán Vilà, Manel Moré, David Ibáñez and Ferran Serra for a university project that led to the media documentary “Soufian, the child who wanted to fly” and the ASPID prize to BJ Adaptaciones.