Saltó IT participated this Thursday in the 5th Annual Conference of the ESADE Alumni Lleida Club, given by Eduard Punset: “Are we different from the rest of the animals?” At the Palau de la Llotja in Lleida.

The lawyer, economist and scientific commentator Eduard Punset spoke this Thursday in Lleida at a conference in which he described the main differences between animals and humans. These include: the capacity to create social networks and empathy, that unique characteristic in the human race that helps us to put ourselves in another’s place and to cooperate with other individuals.

“Outside the herd we are nothing”

Punset explained that the herd, the association between people, helped us in our origins to survive attacks from predators. Today it is also essential for growth, living and creating. In business, it is absolutely crucial to know how to work in a team, a skill that is still not being taught effectively in schools. We will soon find emotional learning definitively incorporated into the world of education, which will help us to face all facets of our lives successfully.