Jaume Saltó, CEO of Saltó IT, has participated this morning in the practical examples table of the conference “Implantation of the electric vehicle in the services sector of the city of Lleida”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lleida on the occasion of the celebration of European Energy Week.
Today, Jaume Saltó has spoken about the reasons why Saltó IT decided to implement two electric vehicles in his company. The ISO 9001 and 140001 certifications were instrumental in accelerating a process that has prompted the company to begin to reduce CO2 emissions and make a first assessment of the cost reduction that this energy represents with respect to the consumption of cars that run on combustion engines.

The two Renault Kangoo Express Z.E. vans contribute significantly to energy savings and have generated highly satisfying driving experiences among employees who regularly use them for repairs in the urban environment. The lack of autonomy (140 kilometres) and the absence of recharging points in the city make this the only and most valid use possible, in the hope that in the coming years the situation may improve and it will be more feasible to have a larger fleet of electric vehicles. The cost, per 100 km, is between 12 and 15 kW at €0.18/kW.

Currently, the Saltó IT team is financially assessing the feasibility of replacing the 60 vehicles that currently form part of the company’s fleet in Barcelona with electric cars. According to Saltó, it is in the big cities where the potential of these technologies can be fully exploited.