On 8th March 2018, Group Saltó gave its support to the women’s strike called by the unions for International Women’s Day. At 12:00 noon, employees gathered at the company’s delegations in Lleida, Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, Alicante and Madrid, to read a manifesto of support for women.

“The salary gap in Group Saltó is non-existent,” , says Irene Rubio, the company’s head of Human Resources. “When we look for talent, we don’t think about whether to find a man or a woman. We simply work with the aim of finding the best person for the job. In spite of that, the fight against the wage gap belongs to all of us”.

Women in the technology sector

About 36% of female employees in technology companies hold product development or engineering positions, compared to 57% of men, according to a report published by McKinsey & Co. and LenIn.org on the role of women in technology companies.

The majority of jobs in our sector are still held by men. In fact, this same report reveals that women themselves consider that gender continues to be a barrier to accessing more senior positions.

For all these reasons, administrations and technology companies will play a fundamental role in the implementation of programmes that guide young women to study mathematics, technology, engineering or science. Girls in Lab Or Girls In Tech Spain, for example, some very interesting projects (the first of which is 100% home-grown) have arisen with the aim of inspiring the first generation of techy girls. These and other commitments identify us with our future projects.

Towards conciliation

Conciliation is another of the great challenges we face as a company. Group Saltó works closely with its employees to ensure their ability to work together to the fullest extent possible.

For the foreseeable future, the company faces these and other challenges. And we want all women to play a decisive role in equality and freedom.