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The SOM project, which is now ready to be released on the market, is a software that prioritizes and assigns tasks and orders, taking into account  which resource profiles are the most appropriate when solving problems. The system is also capable of improving routes and helping each worker manage his or her assigned workload, which is especially useful for achieving an intelligent and autonomous allocation of technological installation, repair and maintenance services. Skills, proximity, costs and so on are taken into account.

For this reason, SOM has been specifically developed for service companies, where it is important to carry out more efficient and productive work management.


Towards the digitisation of processes

SOM has been developed in collaboration with the Eurecat technology centre and is based on one of the company’s internal needs. Jaume Saltó explains: “Given the success of our company, we have decided to promote this line of innovation to market the software”.

Although he stresses, “this project is not an isolated event within Saltó, but is part of a series of actions aimed at incorporating the latest technological advances that position the business group as an important innovator in its sector”.

In fact, the development of this software has integrated technological innovations based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the improvement of the learning curve and the usability of tools.

‘Agile methodologies, adapted to research and innovation, have also been used to speed up technology transfer to the company’, adds Xavier Domingo, head of Eurecat’s Applied Intelligence line.

Saltó undertook the last phase of the project a year ago. He did so within the +PIME programme of Eurecat, together with PIMEC.

Eurecat’s booth at the Mobile World Congress 2018 is CS20, number 41.