On Tuesday, June 27th, the signing ceremony of the Document for a Purpose-Driven Economy took place.

The document, signed by more than 200 companies, organizations, and business associations, aims to promote an economy with purpose focused on three fundamental pillars: economic, social, and environmental.

Respon.cat, the leading corporate social responsibility organization in Catalonia, in collaboration with the Consell General de Cambres de Catalunya, Foment del Treball, Pimec, ECOT, FemCat, the College of Economists, among others, are the main business organizations driving this corporate social responsibility document, with the goal of having the participating companies work towards a common horizon and become role models for other entities and businesses in the Catalan territory.

From the beginning, Group Saltó has always worked with the values of responsibility, growth, and sustainability as its guiding principles. The company strives to create a stable work environment, committed to its more than 250 employees and their surroundings. The business group promotes sustainable practices that enhance people’s quality of life and minimize the impact on the environment.

Some of the sustainable practices carried out by the companies within the business group include circular economy practices such as repairing electronic components instead of replacing them, creating and planning efficient routes to significantly reduce technicians’ travel and minimize carbon footprint, and collaborating with public-private entities to achieve joint growth.

Group Saltó will continue to prioritize practices that have a positive impact on society and the environment.