SOMCare is a multi-robot and multi-device platform with the aim of improving the quality of life of people, among others, through advanced telecare, which consists of an innovative development that offers a range of features, among which are:
– The creation and monitoring of any workflow by the health management of large people, tracking their health status and process updates.
– The connection to any device, sensor, robot or virtual assistant to collect data from large people and detect cases of urgency or order the dispensing of medicines.
– It is able to predict needs, detect behaviors and/or trends and establish health sequences intelligently.
– It sends actions automatically according to the information obtained from different health devices.
– It makes immediate decisions based on real-time data from connected sources, following pre-defined care protocols.
Group Saltó is a company with more than 25 years of experience dedicated to providing technological services. The company has experienced an evolutionary growth and has focused on providing customer solutions, offering added value in the support of people, always putting technology at their service. Jaume Saltó is the founder and CEO, with extensive experience in the world of technology and the development of services in the field of innovation, robotics, AI, boats, Yacht, and cognitive services.
Silikon Group is a business group founded by Daniel Liendo, who is also the CEO, with a long professional career linked to the pharmaceutical industry and hospital sector. The business group is mainly oriented to the commercialization of innovative products and services, mainly aimed at the healing of people.